“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

     Right? While that statement may be appropriate for those who are working toward a challenging goal, it doesn’t pertain to all aspects of life. Sometimes things are hard, not by our drive to accomplish something great, but because life has dealt us a difficult hand.
     For 1 in 10 women, that oppressive hand is Endometriosis. This incurable disease is not only destructive to our reproductive organs, but it is also progressive. This means Endometriosis will affect extra pelvic organs as well. Endometriosis will affect each individual it touches in a multitude of different facets.

     We are Kate and Laura. We found each other because of the devastating disease of endometriosis, but we persevere because of the hope we find in each other. A strong support system is essential while navigating the physical and emotional components of endometriosis, so we have decided to start this blog. Stay with us, we are here for you!